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Earthquake is unexpected release of energy in the Earth’s crust that makes seismic waves. Seismometer also knows as a seismograph is used to record an earthquakes. Earthquakes brings destruction it may leads to diseases, loss of life, road and bridge destruction, shaking of the ground that cause collapsing of establishment or buildings. You know that earthquake happen every day on earth, but almost of them are minor quakes “no damage cause”. While large earthquakes can cause serious destruction and the worst thing is losing of life’s.

We, people of the earth can’t stop that kind of disaster. We can’t stop the flood specially the earthquake. I cannot imagine what will you feel if you have one family member who died during the earthquake. The annoying voice who call their family member who have been covered by the mud or a part of the building. Crying so loud finding something even if the died body of their love once. It is worst, no one can stop that kind of disaster even if the richest man or strongest man in the world can’t stop it. All I can say is this, if there’s a dark there’s always a light. Don’t lose hope cause there’s always a better day that you will face.

I feel so sad when i so it on the net specially when i watch kapamilya online the live streaming of abs-cbn through online broadcasting. My hearth  was touch and felt so disappointment every disaster that strikes in a certain place they cryied so loud and every tears count to express thier feelings to their love once. Outch!!


Haiti tragedy

haiti earthquake

Twelve days after the 2009 a worst tragedy shakes the earth… a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Port-Au-Prince Haiti that kills more than 200,000 dead and 1.5 million people are still homeless. It is hard to say that this disaster can makes people pity. A lot deceases will occur, people will fight for a food, hungriness will come up, a loud cry of the survival people will heard any where,  pain not only in their body but on their heart. This is the crucial thing that we should remember, After the stormy rain there’s always a rainbow… Hello world this tragedy can’t bring us down just like the people of Sumatra Indonesia they also experience this disaster but they still continue their lives… if Indonesians people can do why the Haiti people can do also… cheer up guys… there’s always another days to come…