rocreh presidential election

People of the Philippines especially to the rocreh web design bloggers who will you choose to become our president? Who among them? I am not endorsing any person who want to run on this 2010 elections. All I want is to express my emotions, I don’t want a president who always saying he/she is not a drift or they are poor too. Come on we don’t need a president who always talk and don’t implement what he/she says.
Some of the presidential candidates right now are already a senator and some are ex president and others are in the government personality.  We should think who among them? Who among them implement their promises after they became a senator for 3 years? Who among them helps the people? Do not vote the person because of his/her popularity or because of his/her money.

Some use their family backgrounds and some are using their popularity but what is important now we should choose the best person who implement what he says, know what the is the true meaning of poverty is? It is hard to choose because of what they says but remember this people, the one who have fear to our lord Jesus Christ is the one we should choose and the one who have a golden heart who always think not for the money that he/she will be earn but for the people he/she will help and make this country progress.

How about you rocreh web design blogger who will be your president now?

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