rocreh breacher

A new machines of the marines was introduced and moved versus the taliban lines. This machine called “BREACHER” it looks like a tank with a cannon. Wow, Breacher also carrying high-grade C-4 explosive. But this kind of machines is useless if we have peace on earth. I admire new technology specially weapons but what I admire most if we all people of the world have peace!!! no war on some part of this world.

My question is why we should have a war? For what purpose why there are fighting each other? Are they happy in killing people? It is hard to understand why we should have a war in this world. For us the rocreh web design blogger saying please stop fighting each other because this war is useless. Killing people is a sin!!! I don’t want to make this world a battle ground for this useless war.

What will happen to the future if that war will continue. And every nation fight because of this small argues that happens on the high position/government. Pleas people of this world all I want is to have peace and preserved the beauty of the world for the future! May GOD helps us people! If our mighty GOD forgive our sin what about us?

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