Paquiao on Politics

manny-pacquiaoAfter Many Pacquiao’s ran for congressman in the 1st district of South Cotabato last election and he was defeated by Darlene Antonino-Custodio. Filipino People recognized him as “A People’s Champ” because of his contribution in his boxing career. His achievements brings inspiration  to his fellow Filipinos.  But Pacman proclaim that he will be retiring in his boxing career and will running in this 2010 Philippine General Election. If Many “Pacman” Paquiao leave the boxing world where he became famous some of his fans specially the Filipino fans will be discriminate.


Pacquiao in “Body Issue” of ESPN

ESPN magazineWe all know that Many “Pacman” Pacquiao is the number one Pound-for-Pound boxing King in the whole world. The ESPN The Magazine want to present the body of Many Pacquiao in their “Body Issue”. This “Body Issue will feature the sexy artistic shots of the athletes, the pictures focus on the body parts like back, shoulder, chest, legs, arm and abdominal muscles. Wow if some of the athletes of the world will be featured in this magazine then they will be shot with a daring pose . . .!!??? No.., noooh.. nooooH.., according  to my source the photos that was been taken on the ESPN magazine was so nice at the end.