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Web design is important to us especially in the world of blogging, business and broadcasting news. We use it in publishing news, advertising and promoting some products in order to gain more customers and profit in the business. Frankly speaking the design of the website or the appearance of the site is not the basis of gathering customers. Yes, the appearance of the site is important but the most important is the content of the site. Designing a web site is very hard coz frankly speaking I don’t know how to design a beautiful website. I just downloading some free templates in order to have a nice templates. We should go back to our topic, web designing is one of the most effective way of earning money on the web. So I suggest to all ROCREH WEB DESIGN Blogger to start designing website if you have a talent.



Blogging contest is the best way of making back links to your website. It is not only on back links but it also gave popularity to your website. For me as a student I consider the blogging contest as a time to make all students in our department know more information and pursue more effort to the world of  internet/blogging. This is a big deal if you are one of the contestants to this contest, Why? Coz if you are one of the participants you will know more about blogging and meet more friends though this.
All I can say to my fellow contestants is this:

  • We should on the top of the Google Search keyword
  • We should optimize our blogs
  • Be patient
  • Get more back links to other blogs
  • Participate in any forums
  • More tips just click here —> tips in blogging

If you want to know more want kind of contest I am talking for just click this link “BLOGGING CONTEST”.
Wow, this is it!!! Guys. What are we waiting for this is a contest a dream to become a blogger? This is the start to pursue your dreams to earn more money. If you won or lost this contest at lest you will have lots of information’s, techniques and knowledge on how to become popularize your blog…

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Haiti tragedy

haiti earthquake

Twelve days after the 2009 a worst tragedy shakes the earth… a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Port-Au-Prince Haiti that kills more than 200,000 dead and 1.5 million people are still homeless. It is hard to say that this disaster can makes people pity. A lot deceases will occur, people will fight for a food, hungriness will come up, a loud cry of the survival people will heard any where,  pain not only in their body but on their heart. This is the crucial thing that we should remember, After the stormy rain there’s always a rainbow… Hello world this tragedy can’t bring us down just like the people of Sumatra Indonesia they also experience this disaster but they still continue their lives… if Indonesians people can do why the Haiti people can do also… cheer up guys… there’s always another days to come…

Learn to Kiss

kiss meWe are human, we have feelings and we should express that feeling. Through what???. The answer is through KISS, a kiss of love to your beloved partner. But some people don’t know HOW TO KISS. It is sad cause if they don’t know how to kiss,  their partner will be disappointed. If you want I will give you some tips How to Kiss your partner just visit this site GETKISS.BLOGSPOT.COM

RIP Stephen Gately

Boyzone is one of my favorite boyband because of their cool songs that makes me warm. But one of the boyzone singer was pass away, Stephen Gately he is too young to die at the age of 33.stephen gately
He joined Boyzone in 1993 and proclaim that he was a gay last 10 years, he married his partner Andrew Cowles in a civil union in 2006. I don’t know what is the cause of his death and still it is unclear to the public. According to the (British) news he died after the night out.

Benguet Lanslide

benguet landslideA lot of natural calamities had happened and one of them is the landslide in Benguet that took lives at least 90 people. Provincial governor Nestor Fogwan says that more than 32 people are still missing in the Mountain Province. This calamity might be the result of Typhoon Ondoy or Pepeng, also recognize the fact about the illegal activities by the residents in that certain place. Local government should let those inhabitants aware of the possible incidents especially when it comes to their safety. Government should warn them ahead where they can have enough time to prepare such thing.

Three Continues Earthquake

Pacific Ocean EarthquakeOn this Thursday(October 8, 2009) three continues earthquake struck near Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Geological Survey says that the 1st earthquake measured 7.8 magnitude the tsunami wave of 4 centimeters (1.6 inches), after 15 minutes the 2nd earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 near the north-northwest of Luganville the tsunami measured 10 centimeters (3.9 inches), the last earthquake measured 7.1 magnitude. According to the CNN their no reports of damages or injuries during the earthquake. It is good news that there is no people was been dead during that time.